(c) Andrew Darby-Smith

My love for the ocean and the ice started early in my life. After a trip around the world on a sailboat crossing several oceans, when I was 12 years old, I knew that I needed to study and understand this powerful body that has a major impact on the Earth’s dynamic. Also, I grew up in a country, Canada, where winter is part of our culture and I spent most of my childhood at the mountain, skiing. Not surprisingly, it is by combining these two loves that ended up here.

After studying geology for 4 years, I was ready to fly to the other side of the planet to study a place I have never been to before, but I knew I would immediately fall in love with, Antarctica. I landed in Australia, more specifically in Tasmania, where I did a master in Marine and Antarctic Science. During these two years, I learned so many things about the big white continent and heard so many stories of people traveling down there. I understood the importance of this place on the rest of the planet and how sensitive it is to climate change.

I needed to go there, I needed to see with my own eyes all the wonder I heard so many people talk about. As an expedition guide, I spent my first summer in Antarctica in 2019. Not surprisingly, I felt in love. In love with that place, in love with the animals, in love with the landscapes, in love with everything…

When I am not working as an expedition guide or editing my photos, I spent the rest of my time travelling the world. I like spending my time discovering new cultures, new locations and loosing myself in some remote areas. I always want to discover more, to see more. 

This website is me inviting you into part of my world, where I am capturing the

beauty of the world through my camera...